How to make your home unbe-LEAF-ably AUTUMNY!

How to make your home unbe-LEAF-ably AUTUMNY!
Ahh, it’s that time of the year again when the leaves start to fall, the days get shorter, the air gets colder, and everything turns brownish. But we love it, don’t we? We get to wear our favourite sweaters again, drink lots of cocoa, and most importantly, make our homes unbe-LEAF-ably cozy again!
Here are our TOP 5 items you NEED this autumn to make your home as COSY and COMFY as possible!
Hey Pumpkin Doormat
There’s nothing nicer than being greeted with love as soon as you step your foot at the door. Our “Hey Pumpkin” Doormat is the sweetest welcoming accessory plus it gives your home the perfect autumn feeling with its brown colour and pumpkin reference. Oh, and yeah, it also helps you clean your muddy shoes and keep your cozy home clean. Sounds like a GOURD deal, huh?
Brown doormat with the writing "Hey pumpkin"
Cozy Tealight Holder
If you’re looking to make your space snuggly and warm, look no further. These little cuties know how to cozy it up anytime and anywhere. They are available separately, but what’s one cuddly tealight holder without the other to snuggle up to? They fit like two tealights in a pod. You can also name them! Aghhhh do you feel the cute aggression?
Cozy white tealights on an Autumn evening
Stop Thinking Mug
It is not autumn without the perfect mug to drink your coffee or cocoa, is it? Well, we gotta let you know that we already found the perfect mug and we’re telling you all about it. This is the MAGICAL mug that makes your thoughts & worries float away as soon as you fill it up with coffee. Crazy right?
Black mug with a design of a white head with the writing "Stop Thinking"
Suck UK Book Rest Lamp
Ahh… just imagine. It is raining outside, you are curled up with a good book on your sofa under the perfect dim light of your Book Rest Lamp. And when you get a bit tired, you don’t have to leave the comfy sofa to place the book in the library, you can just place it over the lamp and take a nappy nap. It doesn’t get any comfier than this!
Oh, wait it does... There are always fuzzy & warm socks!
That’s more like it. Now you have the perfect scenario: You are also wearing the softest socks ever and people are letting you enjoy your time alone without bothering you with things you don’t even care about. Sounds like the perfect autumn evening to me!Pink socks with the writing: "Hi, I don't care"
You didn't think I’d let you go without a bonus, right?
What screams autumn more than snuggling by the fire with a cuppa and your feet up on our lovely furry stool? This handsome fella perfectly understands his assignment and is there to comfort and a-MOOO-se you after a long day at work or whenever you get the autumn blues. What an UDDERLY cute little guy!
A tan footstool in the shape of a highland cow.
Now you’re all ready for the cozy Autumn, thank me later😉 If you’d like to see more Autumn inspired accessories take a look here but don’t hesitate to check out our entire site for quirky & cheeky items that bring the lolz! Happy Autumn!
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