5 Reasons The Highland Cows are so UDDERLY loved!

5 Reasons The Highland Cows are so UDDERLY loved!

It’s woolly, hardy, and it has horns. What is it? It’s the legend-DAIRY highland cow! 

Also known as the winter gentle giants of Scotland, these furry cuties have been here for longer than you can imagine! They were the first cattle breed to be registered in 1885 and from archaeological findings, we’ve learned that they’ve been since the 6th century. That is WILD, just like them!

There are many reasons we love the highland cows and the first one is because they are so UDDERLY cute! (duhhh) Don’t you want to pet it, hug it and squeeze it all at the same time? In another life I have a farm and I am raising these cuties in the high mountains of Scotland!


Highland Cow

They are so furry we are not even sure they can see where they are going! Okay, this is both funny and cute but also, very impressive considering the fact that they always find their way even with their long fringe. And here I am, finding it hard to follow simple instructions to find the location of the new bar my friends invited me to. Gotta get those hairy coo’s senses!

Higland cow

They have such a PLANT-astic diet, quite literally! Grass, barley, hay, straw cereal grains, and more!  The highland cows are known to thrive in areas where they have access to fresh water so we just know they are staying hydrated, unlike you and me that forget to drink water for hours. And no, coffee doesn’t count as hydration!

Highland cows drinking water

One of the main reasons we love the Highland cattle is that they are so docile! They are calm & easy-going and have a good temper, you will never see them MOO-dy! They LOVE human company and are very friendly, but they need to get the same treatment of patience, love, and respect back. Pretty respectable animals, don’t ya think? 

And finally! We LOVE their colours! From ginger, red to black, silver, white, brown, yellow, dun, and brindle! So UDDERLY cute! They are all so fabulous, I wouldn’t know how to choose my favourite!! (I probably I like the ginger colour a bit more but don’t tell the other ones please) 

And we at Red Candy have the cutest highland cow footstools in the main colours: ginger, white & silver PLUS in pink and green just to bring a pop of colour to your home. They are such a great addition if you want the presence of the loving coo and autumn in your home or if you want to give them as birthday or housewarming gifts for your friends and family. I am sure they would LOVE them! You can browse here for more gorgeous animal footstools (from unicorns to elephants & alpacas.)

Gilbert the grey highland cow footstool Hamish the highland cowTallulah the higland cow

winston the white highland cow        Pink the highland cow

Ceramic money box in the shape of a highland cowhighland cow salt & pepper shakersHighland Cow ceramic wall planter
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