Twats Mug
Roll Up, Roll Up and welcome to the most marvellous, most magical, and most wonderous world of the cult British visual artist - Mr David Shrigley.
We are completely fan crushing his iconic illustrative pieces from cheeky sarcastic tigers, sweary statement coasters to irreverent poodle adorning notebooks and cheeky mugs galore. The only issue we see here is you have to grab them quick as they keep selling out!
So we implore you to get on your WRIGGLY for your DAVID SHRIGLEY
(or it will be gone - sad times)!
Switch Off Your Brain Notebook

Switch Off Your Brain A6 Notebook

It’s good to give the ol’ noggin a break every now and then - you can’t constantly be thinking shower thoughts; like how making a typo in an online argument is the equivalent of your voice cracking in a verbal argument. Or the fact that the only part of your reflection you can lick is your tongue! And that if you had an identical twin, and they got plastic surgery, it would be hard not to feel a little insulted…


Hungover Mug

I'm So Hungover Mug

Uggghhhh, what are you doing here so early? Why is it so bright out? I feel like I just crawled out of a coffin!

What day is it? Thursday?? Nooo, why did I have so many jagerbombs last night? I feel like I’m dead. I WISH I was dead!


Lost Cat Coaster

Lost Cat Coaster

I don't know about you, but I don't particularly want to find this cat. It'll probably try and lick my eyeballs or something weird like that. Maybe the owner lost it on purpose... Can you tell I'm a dog person yet?


Tea Towel

Sweary Periodic Table Tea Towel

Heyyy! Who are you calling a b*ggering old tw*t!? Why I oughta…

That’s honestly one of the more…creative…insults I’ve heard. I just call people a w*nker and move on with my day but you seem to have hit the lottery!

Poetry Notebook

Write Poetry A6 Notebook

Roses are red
Foxes are clever,
I like your butt
Let me touch it forever

How was that?

Okay fine, how’s this?

Roses are red
Violets are yellow
I’m hoping this poem will get me a fellow

Ahh f*** it. Poetry is haaaard!!



I Eat People Mug

Big cats get very hungry. Who can blame 'em if they nibble a human hand or two? Satiate your appetite for writing with this funny and only slightly threatening I Eat People notebook.


Beer Swimmers Coaster

They tell you not to swim after drinking beer, but can you swim in beer? That's what these folks are attempting to do, but the beer level is getting suspiciously low, and their eyes are getting suspiciously googly...
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