Why you need a Christmas Eve Box!

Why you need a Christmas Eve Box!

The past few years have seen many modern Christmas traditions come to fruition, from whole villages taking part in advent calendar window displays, to elf-on-the-shelf, or baubles of celebrities and even pumpkin spiced lattes! One cute tradition we have adopted in our family to keep the kids occupied on the night before the big day is the humble 'Christmas Eve box.' This has been a life saver as the kids have already had many days off school and are BURSTING at the seams with excitement, - a tradition I think is sweet and helps over-excited children keep occupied, with a blast of what's to come and then help them relax and unwind before bedtime.

So, what is in a Christmas Eve box I hear you ask? Well, in our family, we tend to pop in roughly some of the following:

- Christmas pj's
- Pair of snuggly socks or slippers
- Fun reading book (usually Christmas themed)
- A small game, puzzle, or activity
- Mug and warming drink sachet
- Snuggly blanket, cushion or cuddly toy

- Bauble for the tree
- Cookies for Santa and Carrots/nuts for the reindeer and a plate to display them on 😊

This has really worked with our little ones, and helped us stressed parents frame the evening with a memorable family activity to help pass the time.

If you like the idea then check out our Red Candy items that may work for your Christmas eve box, here is a selection of our favourite ones:

I Spies Mince Pies Side Plate

Broccoli Bauble

Dog Mug with Stick Spoon

Fat Cat Puzzle

Fortune Cookie Socks

VW T1 Campervan Plush Cushion - Blue

I'm a Christmas Pudding Side Plate

Burger Jigsaw Puzzle


Confetti Cake Bauble


Farly the Fox Cushion

Fresh Watermelon Socks

Cup Noodle Bauble

Crab Cushion

Let us know which traditions you have in your family, we would love to hear them! Follow us on social @RedCandyUK and/or send in a photo to hello@redcandy.co.uk

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