Red Hot in the Kitchen!

Photograph from Pamela Waterman

It's becoming more and more apparent that us Brits are getting hotter in the kitchen by the minute! No, I don't mean that we're cooking more curries than necessary; I mean that more people are going in red hot on their kitchen accessories!

We've been asking our customers to send in snaps of how they've used red in their kitchens, and as you'll see you won't find a better colour than red to set your interior alight.

Featured Products:

Red Rubber Washing Up Bowl​n-copenhagen-red-rubber-washing-up-bowl.​php

Guzzini Happy Hour Rectangular Tray​i-red-rectangular-tray.php

Koziol Roger Paper Towel Stand​-roger-paper-towel-stand.php

Amanda Stainless Steel Soap​-amanda-stainless-steel-soap.php

Photograph from Catriona McGee

Featured product:

Renova Red Kitchen Paper​-paper-towel.php

Photograph from Susan Peowrie

Photograph from Graham Downing

Featured Products:

Guzzini Oval Jars​i-oval-jars.php

Photograph from Joan Cooper

Featured Product:

Typhoon Retro Buick Red Scales​n-retro-buick-red-scales.php

Photograph from Janet Brooks

Featured Products:

Red Heart Silicone Trivet

Leonardo Corner Fruit Bowls

Photograph from Nena Mistry

Featured Products:

Umbra Joey Soap Pump
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