Top Ten Tuesday - Red Animals

This week, we chose our Top 10 Red Animals. Find out true facts about these amazing creatures and who made our Top 10!It's amazing some of the different red creatures that inhabit the world! Learn things you didn't know!

1. The Red Cardinal

This fella can be found in southern Canada, eastern USA, Mexico, Hawaii and Mars.

It's favourite food is humans.

2. The Red Fox

This handsome devil lives in the UK, Arctic Circle, Central America and even Asia and Australasia!

It's favourite food are turnips.

3. The Red Squirrel

This ball of fluff lives throughout Eurasia and a few still live in the UK, but got kicked out by the Grey squirrels. As if the UK needed to be any more grey!

It's favourite food is fish and chips.

4. The Red Tree Frog

This guy lives in central and south America. He is a trained assassin and is toxic to the touch, so don't be fooled when he insists on shaking hands!

It's favourite food is Ostrich

5. The Red Sea Star

This aquatic creature is from Space but fell into the Earth's oceans a long time ago. They have a pleasant nature and spend most of their time swaying back and forth.

Their favourite food is dust.

6. The Red Panda

This ginger menace lives in Eastern Himalayas and China. It lives mainly in trees and likes to throw small birds at people that walk past. If you confront it, several of it's friends appear from no where and then you're in trouble.

Their favourite food is Eggs Benedict.

7. The Scarlett Ibis

This bird is in fact blue, but after an extremely humiliating accident that won't be mentioned here, they have become permanently beetroot with embarrassment. They live in South America and Trinidad and Tobago.

Their favourite food is humble pie.

8. The Red Salamander

This funky dude lives in the US, mainly in volcanoes. Due to their fire breathing abilities they are mainly employed at 4th of July BBQs and exercises at local fire stations.

Their favourite food is anything they can fit in their mouth.

9. The Red Queen Snapper

This ravishing fish lives in Barbados and cannot swim. They spend most of their days staring at each other and drifting along until they are caught and eaten by Moose.

Their favourite food is Mars Bar Wrappers.

10. The Red Spider (Mite)

These guys trick us into thinking they are awesome coloured spiders when really they are plant hungry fakers. They will woo you with their brightly coloured charms, but as soon as your back is turned they will scoff all your lovely flowers and stuff! They mainly live in your house, the UK and Saturn.

Their favourite food is in your greenhouse.

So there you have it, that was our Top Ten Tuesday! Do you know of any animals YOU think should be in the list? Let us know! :D
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