**Spice Up Your Workspace!**

**Spice Up Your Workspace!**

Your workspace says a lot more about you than you might think - in a world where we spend more time at work than at home, it's natural that we want our space to be comfortable and reflect our own selves.

But there's no reason you can't be stylish and chic as well as practical and productive! So to round off a glorious sunshine-filled week, we're bringing those summer acid brights into your work space!

- Koziol Edward Scissors -

Organisation is key - and now you can store away all your knick knacks while making them easy-accessible in these eye-catching storage and organizing solutions from Red Candy!

- Essey Pen Pen Holder -

- Koziol Pottichelli Organiser -

- Umbra Garbino Red Waste Bin -

- Maze Int Re-Bag Recycler -https://www.redcandy.co.uk/product-maze-int-re-bag-recycler.php

The best way to aid organisation is to set out clear and concise boundaries in your workspace to maximise efficiency as well as looking more visually appealing to your or clients!
- Black + Blum Flower Loop Vase -https://www.redcandy.co.uk/product-black-and-blum-flower-loop-vase.php

- Essey Wipy Cube Tissue Box -https://www.redcandy.co.uk/product-essey-wipy-cube-tissue-box.php

- Koziol Elvis Tape Dispenser -https://www.redcandy.co.uk/product-koziol-elvis-tape-dispenser.php

- LSA Buba Vase -https://www.redcandy.co.uk/product-lsa-buba-vase.php

- Panton FlowerPot Table Lamp -https://www.redcandy.co.uk/product-panton-red-flowerpot-table-lamp.php

- Karlsson Red Vintage Glass Clock -https://www.redcandy.co.uk/product-karlsson-red-vintage-glass-clock.php

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