**Wonderful Wall Décor**

Bring some serious style to your walls with these stunning visual pieces and

wall decorations!

This eye-catching wall piece is actually hand-painted acrylic on wood held together with metal prongs, this is just a small example of how easily stunning wall décor can be made from household items!

This interesting triptych tree landscape has a very simple colour scheme, but the contrast between the red and white is very stark and eye-catching. Paintings are perfect for breaking up large spaces, and multiple canvases creating a gorgeous centrepiece in a room.

Here at Red Candy, we've gone mad for vinyl wall stickers - but here's another interesting technique, the designer has used white solid stickers to break up the block colour of the wall

Great for helping reduce outside noise, as well as a great alternative to paint or wallpaper - these wall tiles have been stuck all over one wall to create this eye catching wall treatment!

If you have floral-themed wallpaper, even something as simple as a plastic bouquet in a vase can break up empty surfaces.

Don't be afraid to get creative with your wall stickers, you're limited only by your imagination!

This wonderful hand-made wall décor makes a lovely addition to a room or even a present for a loved one! Personalization (i.e names, dates etc.) can also be added by the designer!

Available on Etsy:

Bored of your average wooden photo frames, but need something fun for your walls too? Look no further than the Umbra Daisy funky wall décors which can either be left with their red centre or customised with your own image!https://www.redcandy.co.uk/product-umbra-daisy-wall-decor.php

Bring out some elegance in your home with these beautiful floral decal wall stickers! (Most of our stickers are available in a range of colours)https://www.redcandy.co.uk/product-spin-collective-gerberas-wall-sticker.php

Get your own Banksy right in your home with this stunning Girl with Balloon wall sticker.

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