** Top Ten Tuesday - Luxurious Lighting**

** Top Ten Tuesday - Luxurious Lighting**

Now the nights are to be even lighter, you'll soon notice the dark creeping in if your curled up with your favourite book.

So for this week's Top Tuesday I've included 10 of my favourite modern lamp designs!

This sleek and chic red hooded lamp comes in a standing version as well as a smaller wall-mounted one!

This adorable little desk lamp by Gabor Berger actually comes flat-packed ready for self-assembly at home! - and it look yummy enough to eat!

The aptly named "Mashroom Lamp" by Elio Martinelli - For those who like a bit of the alternative!

A simple and eye-catching design to create the perfect romantic lighting. Decorative acrylic spheres adorn the the base and the lampshade is made from soft red leather!

This unique transparent lamp even comes with a red power lead which can be coiled up underneath the lamp base to create this gorgeous visual effect!

Classic and modern come together perfectly here - this mould injected lamp is actually a replica of an old design - mixing the classic design with modern lightweight materials.

Kyouei Design have pushed their creative limits with this stunning lamp! It looks unsupported at the base, however the stand is cleverly concealed behind the paint splat - available in a wall-mounted or desktop version.

I can't get enough of this amazing design from ALTLucialternative! Available in different sizes, they can be clustered together to bring a unique new look to any room!

Joseph Novel & Joseph Puig have created a wonderful range of these lamps featuring two concentric cylinders which can be removed and changed for different screens - meaning you can give your lamp a makeover any day of the week!

Another fabulous design from Joseph Novel & Joseph Puig, this gorgeous lollipop lamp would make the perfect present for that special someone in your life!

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