Up Cycling Chic - Radical Recycling!

The term “up cycling” was coined by American architect William McDonough and German chemist Michael Braungart – who advocated that humans can make a positive environmental impact and is now considered to be a visionary environmental thinker. According to the “Sustainability Dictionary” the definition of up cycling is converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or environmental value.

It’s the perfect way to get a unique styled look, without the stylish price tag and the fantastic use of mixed media in some of the pieces I have found online today are just superb and won’t be found in any stores!

The best place to start is always in your home, think small at first and the inspiration will soon come! See below for my best picks I found:

This amazing pair of re purposed pair of shoes has been transformed into a very unique (albeit scary!) wall sculpture, redesigned by Gwen Murphy.

This striking wall decoration was made with nothing more than old pizza boxes and decorative wrapping paper!

This eye-catching piece was created by using old cans and drink creations - a perfect example of mixed media in up-cycling for some really interesting textures.
Who says you beer bottles can't light up your life long after they've been guzzled!


This interesting chest of drawers has been made using old plastic trays and plastic moulding for the structure - fabulous!

This actually looks like something I would pick up at a Vintage fair - made from an actual vintage drawers, it's been revamped using old suitcases for that gorgeous Old-New look!

Light's on! These unique light shades have been made from jelly moulds!

Old jeans means... new bag - naturally!

These vintage fridge doors have been used to revive these otherwise dull toilet stalls!

This fabulous creation was made using an old side-table and wooden cabinet - and the décor is simply an old wrought iron fixing - up cycling at it's finest!
This leather creation has actually been recycling from an old auto mobile interior!

This wonderful shelf was created by simply re-painting and stacking old coffee tables!

This quaint little vanity mirror chair was created from an old cushion and mini-suitcase!

Although I think I would've done more with the colour palette - this is actually one of my favourite pieces I've seen, so creative and unique, I love it!

Even your pets beds can have an up cycling makeover, these are just a few of the innovative ideas I've seen using an old briefcase and the second one is actually an old up cycling tv set, and an old tablecloth for the lining.

Getting Creative!

The possibilities are endless, take a look at some of these really unique ideas for more inspiration!

A great industrial look achieved here simply by sprucing up some old supermarket shopping baskets!

The most popular use I have seen among furniture creations is reusing pallets (see above and below) and similar wooden boards to create that really chunky, rustic look - even railway sleepers!

You'll definitely have no reason to play the blues with this unique up cycled guitar!

A stunning garden planter made simply from cleaning out and reusing a toolbox!

Up cycling has caught on everywhere, not just in the interiors world - there's definitely no longer an excuse for having nothing to wear!

Hang your coats up in style with this gorgeous coat rack made from up cycled glass - a really striking effect!

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