Everything is Good Mug

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product info

“Woahh, you alright, bruv? You don’t look so good...”

I got something weighing on my mind… I never really took notice of it until someone pointed it out to me the other day. Be honest, guys…are my thumbs really long?

Two days ago, I was walking down the street and someone asked if I was alright. So I gave him a thumbs up as a friendly reply and he went:

“Woah, THUMBelina! Watch where you’re swinging that thing! Not gonna lie - you’ve got some big ass thumbs! There’ll be someone out there who’ll love you, though - you just gotta THUMB through ‘em till you find the right one!!!”

Ever since then, I keep my hands in my pockets and out of sight...

*If you or a loved one suffer from Big Ass Thumb Syndrome (BATS), get this mug to show them that Everything Is Good.*

Everything is Good Mug Specifications

  • Colour: Black, White
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 8 x 10cm
  • Product Code: BB1-MUG097
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