Fuck Off, I'm Reading Socks (S/M)

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product info

Edwin the Unicorn is about to confess to the grim murders of Prawn the Peacock and Argys the Great. Your palms are sweaty and your heartrate is about as fast as Edwin’s, but the kids run into the room and your climax (no pun intended) is ripped away from you.

JUST SHOW THEM THE SOCKS to keep your TOMES warm and your reading sessions private.

CHECK OUT (remember libraries…?) our bookworm accessory for avid readers with cold feet. Coze yourself into a wordy stupor and tell those interrupters to ‘politely’ leave you be while you enter your hardback heaven.

Fuck Off, I'm Reading Socks (S/M) specifications

  • Material: 62% nylon / 35% Combed Cotton / 3% Spandex
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Size: S - M / 5 – 10
  • Product Code: SW485
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