Have You Tried Cheese? Tea Towel

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  • Have a seat friend, youÕre in for a gouda time
  • You might as well. Edamned if you do, damned if you donÕt
  • Why does the devil has all the best snacks..?
  • 100% cotton
  • Dimensions: 71 x 53cm

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Just when you thought you led a sin-free life, the devil man introduces you to something you just can’t resist… cheese. How can something that smells so evil, taste sooo divine? It’s too late now, with one bite, you’re damned to Davidstow! So why stop there? Gobble on the Gouda, chomp the cheddar and ruin the Roquefort, on your devastating path of indulgence!

Well that’s the impression we get from this tea towel, anyway. Made from 100% cotton, this woven tea towel is an excellent tool for your everyday use and features this rather lovely vintage-style illustration of a classic red devil sitting atop a giant wedge of Swiss cheese in the middle of a field.

This tea towel should appeal to anyone who loves their cheese and makes a fun and thoughtful gift!

Have You Tried Cheese? Tea Towel Specifications

• Dimensions: 72cm x 53cm
• Material: 100% unbleached cotton
• Machine wash on cool wash
• Product Code: BQ-WW335

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