My Mood Mug & Pen

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  • If the mug contains coffee, I’ll draw a big old grin
  • If the mug contains cold earl grey, I’ll draw a big sad face
  • I joke, it’s always gotta be happTEA!
  • Diameter: 9.6cm x depth 12 cm

product info

Oh thanks, Sharon, for my smiley emoji mug, but alas I cannot use it today. I am afraid I do not feel smiley, I’m in much more of a disappointed mood. I will have to drink out of my disappointed face mug, even though it means more washing up…

WAIT! No more! I have had enough of mugs telling me how to feel. I might not feel happy. I might not feel angry. Why should I sip out of a mug that does not represent how I feel?? I will DRAW on my mug, I will scribble on my tea, I will sip out of my current expression, yes!

So say bye bye to prescriptive mugs, and hello to TEA will!!

Mr Mood Mug & Pen Specifications

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colour: White
  • Diameter: 9.6cm x depth 12 cm
  • Dry wipe pen included
  • Product Code: PK1-PI-MD-TDY-MUG-1
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