Nobody Gets Out Sober Doormat [D]

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Here’s to you, you spirited spirit lover who keeps topping up everyone’s glasses until their livers burst! That’s a horrible metaphor, but we all know that one friend whose goal it is to get their guests as sloshed as poss. Unless, of course, you drove there (in no way do we condone drinking and driving, stay safe, kids).

Now you’ve found the perfect doormat for those houses where the words ‘Sober October’ or ‘Dry January’ are banned. If you’re caught uttering them, you must have a shot. And by that, I don’t mean a healthy, overpriced ginger one.

With the ‘sober’ in bold, you’ll be sure not to get this bit of the instructions wrong. Go on and down that last gulp of wine before you leave just to ensure you’ve completed your task.

Nobody Gets Out Sober Doormat Specifications

  • Material: Natural coconut
  • Colour: Brown, black 
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm
  • Product Code: TYPO-SOBER 
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