Plug Inn Wall Clock Silver [D]

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Color: Metallic

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The superbly sculptural Nextime Plug Inn Clock is of a timeless, classic design that no matter what the current interior trends are, it always looks modern.  Quite unlike most other clocks in our collection, this funky wall clock as good as does away with a typical clock face; instead it represents the hour marks with long ‘spokes’ that shoot outwards from the small central disk that houses the mechanism. 

You will find that the Plug Inn clock will integrate with your interior much more than most classic clocks, as the lack of a definitive outer border means that both clock and wall share the same visual space, with your wall becoming in essence an extended clock face.

This silver Nextime plug inn wall clock would make a funky gift, and is great for a quick facelift in your living space.  See below for the multi coloured and black versions.

Nextime Plug Inn Wall Clock Silver Specifications:

  • Material: Metal / Plastic tips
  • Dimensions: Diameter 60cm
  • Battery Powered
  • Designer: Frits Vink
  • Product code: 2610zi
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