Saturnus Large Coat Rack - Natural Wood

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Time stands still when you hang up your outerwear and accessories on the Saturnus Large Coat Rack - Natural Wood by Present Time. You hang them up and go about your business, and hours later it’s as if they weren’t there!

Even though Saturn is a thousandth of a light-year away, it likes to make sure that its namesake, this gravity-defying coat rack, is keeping busy. So, if you’d like to use the hooks on this rack to hang your hats, umbrellas, keys, scarves or gloves, then by the rings of Saturn, use them you shall!

With 12 wooden balls aligned in perfect symmetry on two well-proportioned rows, the rack takes up only 53.5cm x 15cm x 14cm of space, and you don’t need to know the theory of special relativity to know that’s very little. Fit it up on your wall and let nature take its course!

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Saturnus Large Coat Rack - Natural Wood specifications

  • Material: steel, wood
  • Dimensions: 53.5cm x 15cm x 14cm
  • Product code: PT2456
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