Sweet Baby Cheesus Tea Towel

Sweet Baby Cheesus Tea Towel

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  • Worship the Worcester
  • A story to melt your heart
  • Stilton Night, Holey Night, all is Comte, all is Brie
  • Dimensions: 72cm x 53cm

product info

The moon was glowing and the Comte cows were braying. It was here, on this holey night, that Manchego had her baby Cheesus. Her husband, Monterey Joseph, stood by her side, his heart melting at the site of his cheese child.

Then they got word from a Stilton that they were being searched for by an army of Ricottas. Monterey Jack felt as if a knife had been plunged through his heart. He had to find a place to stay for his Manchego and baby.

After a night of searching the whole board, they were finally taken in by a sweet, and slightly nutty couple of Infossatos. Sweet Baby Cheesus was resting in his cot when three wise Worcestershires came in from the cold. They were all baring gifts. The first ripe slice of Worcestershire held out a grape to the Baby Cheeses. The next gave him a walnut, then the last gave him a cracker.

And that is the Christmas Nativity according to the Third Testemozzarella. Did somebody say ‘lunch’?

Sweet Baby Cheesus Tea Towel Specifications

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Colour: Multicoloured
  • Dimensions: 72cm x 53cm
  • Artist: Lucy Hughes Creations
  • Product Code: LC1-BCTT
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