Umbra Conceal Bookshelf - Set of 3

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Bring some magic to your walls with the Umbra Conceal Bookshelf - Set of 3!

The Umbra Conceal Bookshelf - Small has been a firm fixture on our best-sellers list for years now; however the effect of having a floating pile of books on your wall is so cool that one simply isn’t enough! Therefore, due to high demand, Umbra has introduced this amazing Umbra Conceal Bookshelf - Set of 3!

This innovative and ingenious design creates the powerful illusion of your book piles seemingly floating across your wall. But is it really magic? Sadly not, but the design is still pretty cool! The Conceal consists of a simple L-shaped bracket that quickly screws to your wall: simply slide a book onto it, with the bottom cover concealing the shelf, and neatly clip it into place so that the book remains closed. 

These invisible bookshelves are a much cooler way of displaying your literature than a traditional bookcase or shelf, and will not fail to catch the attention of all your guests, who will be scratching their heads as they try to make sense of the sorcery before them. And with three of these shelves at your disposal, you can arrange them in a range of cool formats!

These levitating bookshelves would make the perfect gift for bookworms; specifically Harry Potter fans – Wingardium Leviosa!

Umbra Conceal Bookshelf - Set of 3 specifications

  • Material: powder-coated metal
  • Dimensions: each shelf:  12.7cm x 12.7cm x 14cm
  • Shelf holds: 6.8kg max load, 41cm max stack height, 20cm max book depth
  • Mounting hardware included
  • *Books not included*
  • Design: Miron Lior
  • Product code: 330639-560
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