Vegan AF Neon Box [D]

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  • As green as a vegan’s face after eating cheese
  • Glow up your gastronomy
  • Be proud of your produce
  • Dimensions: 38.5cm x 19cm x 12cm

product info

Whether it’s to encourage more vegan behaviour or to remind the world of your dietary requirements, this striking sign will have anyone begging for broccoli and pining for pine nuts.

I find in our world, we don’t speak enough about our lifestyle and diet, after all, bright glowing signs speak louder than words. Comes in bright green and bright green only just in case you forget what colour food you’re supposed to be eating.

Made by angry vegans – note the ‘AF’ is in caps – no more will you go hungry at a wedding even though the caterer was told that you are VEGAN… VEGAN! Which means ONLY PLANT BASED FOODS!! Just take this sign with you wherever you go to avoid those pesky gelatinous jellies or dairy flecked dishes.

But seriously, all you vegans out there deserve a fabulous and valiant sign like this. Be proud of your lifestyle because it’s not always easy being green.

Vegan AF Neon Box Specifications

  • Material: Glass, acrylic
  • Colour: Green
  • Dimensions: 38.5cm x 19cm x 12cm
  • Lower power consumption at only 12 - 24W
  • Table mounted
  • Product Code: ACBN-VAF
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