Zaurus Licking Dinosaur Plant - Wild Strawberry (Red)

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The only thing more terrifying than the big jaws, sharp teeth and life-fearing sprint of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is a dry plant. It just gives me the shivers; crusty soil, cracking dirt, strewn with crispy leaves that have fallen off from neglect. What a nightmare! Now you can have both and frighten your plant into flourishing!

Although this Zaurus has tiny arms, he’s learnt to use his tongue instead of his hands to water the weeds and sow his seeds. Place a bowl of water (tentatively so as not to wake the beast too early) underneath his tongue and then quickly run away. He’ll lap up the liquid and transfer it to your plant, so you can watch (from a very safe distance!) your little seedling grow.

Zaurus Licking Dinosaur Plant - Wild Strawberry (Red) Specifications

  • Material: Ceramic, felt, plastic
  • Colour: Red
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 6.9cm x 6.9cm
  • Includes coco fibre wafer, seed pack and instructions
  • Product Code: GD89301
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