🐕🐕 Gifts For Dog Lovers! 🐕🐕

🐕🐕 Gifts For Dog Lovers! 🐕🐕
Well now that you’re out and about come look at our SLOBBERIN’ selection of products that are sure to make you HOWL. All our dog-inspired products are made with love for our cute fluffy fur-babies at home, so make sure not to RUFF them up!

Waldo the Dog Footstool

We have a serious bone to pick with boring furniture! Sometimes it feels like only art prints and plant pots get to have the fun while footstools are looked at as the dull décor! Oh, PAW-lease, it’s to FUR-get that idea!

Buddy Spoon Holder - Dark Brown

Five words you never want to hear… ‘Honey, I shrunk the dog!’ Buddy just jumped up on the counter and it was such a shock, I accidentally pressed the trigger on my shrinking machine, and now he’s about the size of a roast potato!

Dog Coasters - Set of 4

Place your spritz on a shih tzu
…or a mug on a pug!
Pop him in a drawer, toss him on a table, and even stick this good boy on the fridge. He’ll be a little chilly, but what’s a little cold to a strong canine like this? He can WOLF down a bottle cap quicker than a Whippet with a winklepicker!

Poodle Lamp

Allergic to the dark? Luckily these are hypo-LAMP-ergenic and will liven up your space like a cat in a kennel. Get this clever boy on your table to give your décor a bit of a BARK. After all, poodles are the most fashionable of breeds, don’t you think? Standard or miniature, these hounds are bound to glam up your interior.

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