How To Make Your Home Office FUN!

How To Make Your Home Office FUN!
By placing these Red Candy products in your home office like our quirky planters, funky storage holders and nifty neons, you'll be mentally transported to a perfect paradise, where a lei is placed on your shoulders and a mai tai is in your hand and the refreshing sea breeze makes you feel serene!

Moby Whale Desk Organiser

This whale eats clips not krill!

Mr Bookish Table Lamp

This chap is very well read… no wonder he’s so bright!

Pablo Jar

Growing greens just got groovy!

Dacholder - Black

A Dachshund shaped container?
Sounds a bit far-fetched?

Karlsson Mini Flip Wall Clock - Orange

Add some retro style to your home office with this black and orange calendar clock from Karlsson! The Karlsson Mini Flip Wall Clock - Orange is a multi-purpose timekeeper, which also displays the day, date, month and year to boot.

Cat Butt Magnets - set of 6

Do you think you could identify your cat by its butt? I can! Mine is the one with the grey… wait, no, brown! Actually, more of a hazel… blonde… green colour? Oh no, I DON’T KNOW MY CAT BY HIS BUTT! I’m THE WORST cat owner in THE WORLD!

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