Gifts That Will Sprout Some Happiness! 🌼💧🍃

Gifts That Will Sprout Some Happiness! 🌼💧🍃
Get yourself into a blooming good mood by browsing Red Candy's SPRING-tastic gifts & goodies!

Tea Cup Planter

The Tea Cup Planter is a unique and charming way to present your favourite plants in your garden or any outdoor area!


Duck Feet Planter

Ready to play the part of a feathery footman, this guys really gives a duck about the plants you put in him, and will be the talk of the room… your guests may even find themselves quacking up!

Mini Plant Life Support

This is not going to save it, this little plant is severely dehydrated, we’re gonna need a drip. That’s it! Bring the Mini Plant Life Support over here and place the needle directly into the soil. Just fill it up, there we go. It’s working! Just watch its little leaves uncurl. Gee, you scared us there, but now I can see some real colour coming into your leaves.

Hello Goose Doormat

HONK if you love quirky doormats!

Wellington Boots Bauble

These boots are made for decoratin’
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna decorate all over you

Plant Name Badges

If you came ‘round to ours, you’d get to meet all our fabulous roommates! You could chat with Rose, say hi to Lily and, if you’re lucky, get to water Derek! Oh, sorry… did we forget to mention that our roomies are a bunch of houseplants?!

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