Scares Your Family Tea Towel

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  • What is more terrifying, wrestling a gator or spilling wine on the couch?
  • Mop up those horrific messes
  • Experiment with a recipe and with your familyÕs fear of you
  • Dimensions: 72cm x 53cm

product info

As life ethos’ go, this is an interesting one.

If there was ever a way to find out just how much your family loved you, I guess it would be finding a way of scaring them. The amount they’re frightened represents the amount they love you, or to misquote Monsters, Inc, “You scare so they can care.”

Beware of the Scares Your Family Tea Towel though, as too much scaring may result in not much caring! If you keep winding up in little scrapes from day to day, there’s a chance the ones you hold dear may stop noticing, which is why you go BIG, BIGGER, and BIGGER AGAIN.

This person is wresting a crocodile… which begs the question: What on Earth is she going to try and do next?

Scares Your Family Tea Towel Specifications

  • Material: Screen-printed cotton
  • Colour: Multicoloured
  • Dimensions: 72cm x 53cm
  • Machine wash cold
  • Product Code: BQ1-WW305
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